[TenTec] Using an Argosy in the field

Stan Barr g0clv at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Apr 5 01:39:53 PDT 2012

On 05/04/12 09:11, Richards wrote:
> Heck... at that rate, you could power the receiver with one of those
> hand-crank flashlight dynamo chargers . . .   but you would likely
> have to really crank it while transmitting. . .

I've got an ex-(British) Army generator like that.
Hard work.

> Probably inconvenient to be cranking while you are pounding
> a code key.   So, never mind.

You need a lowly private to do the cranking!

> (ER... please forgive an old man's late night silliness...)
Me too - still drinking my first espresso of the morning...

I'm Ten-Tec in the shack, ex-Army when /P.

Cheers and 73,
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