[TenTec] 566 v3.028

Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Thu Apr 5 22:00:09 PDT 2012

Gee... that seems like a serious difference in output volume.    The 707 
  is kinda soft for even a dynamic type microphone cartridge.   A 
typical hand held performance type microphone has a sensitivity (at 
1,000 Hz Open Circuit Voltage) typically like this:

Shure SM ......................-54.5 dBV/Pa (1.85 mV)
AudioTechnica  AT4100..... -55 dB (1.7 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa
AKG D5.........................-52 dBV / 2.6 mV/Pa

Thus, in my estimation, the Model 707 has a moderately low sensitivity 
rating.  Of course, this makes it a good candidate for close talking, 
which tends to be more noise canceling (more like noise rejecting) 
because the volume of your voice is relatively high compared to the 
volume of ambient environmental sound, and that puts our voice, but not 
your fan noise, over the air.

Nonetheless, the specifications suggest the 707 has a relatively low 
output volume compared to similar microphones.

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On 4/5/2012 3:02 PM, Rsoifer at aol.com wrote:

> the output of the   707 is -78 dB   vs.   -52 dB for the 706


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