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Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Sat Apr 7 00:15:07 PDT 2012

On 4/7/2012 2:52 AM, Jim Brown wrote:
> James,
> You're both right and wrong.

		Golly... I do not discern where we disagree
		on much.  I concur in your comments, but
		fail to see how it really negates my point.
		It DOES provide a lot more by way of specifics,
		whereas I was trying to safely generalize a bit
		trying to be brief and to the point.   There is
		always a risk of erring on the side of generalizing
		in this.

Actually, there are MANY different types  of condenser mics,

		ER...   I recall addressing this, by saying :

			"Of course there are at least two types
				of condenser microphone."

		I thought the "at least two types of..." locution
		would cover the fact they are not exclusive.

and they are built with outputs in several different
> formats.  Mics for studio, broadcast, and sound reinforcement are
> BALANCED, and designed to ....

> The electret mics made for ham radio have UNBALANCED outputs, and are
> designed to work with DC bias (VERY different from BALANCED PHANTOM
> POWER). ....

		I tried to address this in my post, without going too
		far into the nuances and details.   Maybe you missed
		my attempt to discern a difference between mics
		using phantom power from mics using bias voltage...

> If I sound cynical and disgusted with hams who refuse to study the
> fundamentals and learn how things work,  it's because I am.

		Gee... I know this opens me up for the "Doh Award,"
		but I don't see much cynicism here.   Maybe you need
		to try again, especially if you were intending to make
		me feel dumb !      ;-)

		(Of course I am just poking some fun, here...and not
		being offended - even if I should be !  No flame, no
		harm... no foul. )

		The "problem" I see is that it is difficult to be brief,
		and still still say something specific, and particular
		without over-generalizing to the point of error.
		One does not want to occupy too much bandwidth,
		or stray too far off the topic of TT gear, and, yet,
		matching microphones to transceivers is a very
		important aspect of using a TT transceiver.    But it
		IS difficult to be accurate or complete, while trying
		to be brief.

At least that is MY take on it.   Perhaps I missed the mark....

====================  K8JHR  =========================

> 73, Jim K9YC
>> Of course there are at least two types of condenser microphone.   The
>> type usually called a "condenser microphone"  is different from the far
>> less expensive  type called "electret condenser."   This latter electret
>> condenser type is what we find in most ham applications, including
>> computer gaming headsets, and most likely the type employed in the TT
>> product.
>> Most "studio condenser" microphones require 10-48 volts "phantom
>> voltage", but the ones we use, and which work with TT gear, are the
>> "electret condenser" type, and this is confirmed because they require
>> 2.5 - 5  volts  "bias voltage"  and modern TenTec transceivers provide
>> 10 volts on pin 2 of the 8 pin mic connector, so they are NOT expecting
>> a studio condenser simply because they do not provide sufficient phantom
>> voltage (any voltage less than 48 volts phantom voltage leaves the mic
>> with lower signal output and narrower, lower dynamic range.)
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