[TenTec] Model 566 Orion II Firmware Version V3.029 posted

Peter Frenning [OZ1PIF] peter at frenning.dk
Tue Apr 10 14:03:38 PDT 2012

Den 10-04-2012 22:15, John Henry skrev:
> Just posted a firmware update for the Orion II Model 566 at the TenTec
> website.
> http://www.tentec.com/pages/Transceiver-Downloads.html
> Scroll down to the 566 section, and Ver3.029 is in the right column.
> Download it as usual to "install the installer".
> Changes include:
> Improve post-AGC clean-up filters to improve receive audio
> This build is a result of customer's input and it  improves / cleans the
> receive audio by incorporating a filter that cleaned
> up undesirable spikes/transients after the AGC code.  It was verified by
> the original customer, and by the beta team.
> If anyone has issues with this build, please let me know so that we can
> correct it or improve it.
> Thanks,
> John Henry, KI4JPL
> TenTec Engineering
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> TenTec at contesting.com
> http://lists.contesting.com/mailman/listinfo/tentec

Oh, that arrived as called for - I have for some time been wondering 
about the "cracklings" in the Rx audio, not being able to decide whether 
it was a HW problem, an artifact introduced with the 3.036 FW, or 
atmospheric conditions, now that has been explained and fixed in one go 
- fix confirmed here!

The audio "bleed through" "problem" persists though, well the above was 
much more important to have fixed - Thanks again John Henry and TT!
(And by the way, it's now again possible to update the radio through  a 
Prolific USB-Serial adapter running from WinXP on a VirtualBox in Linux! 
That was somehow broken with 3.026, but I never properly investigated 
what was wrong)

Vy 73 de OZ1PIF/5Q2M, Peter

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