[TenTec] 566 Orion II Firmware Version V3.029 ---Spectrum Display &Tuning dot

chacuff chacuff at cableone.net
Sun Apr 22 18:30:18 PDT 2012

Not sure what version you updated from.  I haven't seen that little dot on 
mine (2.044) but recently updated to 3.029.  Dot sounds like a nice idea 
because with the display freezing it is hard to tell where you have tuned 
to.  Have to pause and let everything catch up to see if you have over 

I am struggling a bit with getting a lot of benefit out of the SAF.  I'm 
sure it's just a matter of settings.  Have really needed it on the recent 
DXpedition from Spratley.  CW sigs in the noise.


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> Finally loaded up the latest version 3.  Very nice, audio and agc are very 
> smooth. Haven't used it enough to comment further except to say I really 
> miss the little tuning dot above the spectrum display that tracked your 
> frequency changes relative to the spectrum.  Yes it was imprecise but I 
> could at least get into the vicinity of an interesting signal.  When you 
> turned the freq knob, the sweep would freeze as it does now and the dot 
> would move above the spectrum.  What are the chances of getting that back, 
> or am I missing something?  Also there have been some comments about the 
> spectral peak of a signal not centering right on the centerline.  Actually 
> I believe the frequency of a SSB signal is defined as the carrier 
> frequency, not the midpoint of the sideband.  So it would make sense for 
> the cursor to align offset from the side and energy peak. The sideband 
> peak would be above the carrier for USB, and below for lsb.
> Anyway, what about that tuning dot?
> Thanks, and nice work TT!
> Jim N4BE
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>> 566 Orion II Firmware Version V3.029 ---Comments
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