[TenTec] Omni C TX/RX drift

Mike Hyder -N4NT- Mike_N4NT at charter.net
Fri Aug 17 00:34:36 EDT 2012

Tune around some carriers and see if you can hear a warble as you tune. The 
main cause of trouble like you experience has always for me been gummy, 
dried-up grease in the PTO. I have never needed a PTO rebuild kit, just 
clean off the gummy grease with Dawn or some such and re-grease. I asked a 
tech down at Ten-Tec what grease they used and was told, "just axle grease 
we get down at the Co-op."

As I recall, there was a trick to get the PTO out of the Omni-C. I'll be 
happy to send you the secret instructions if you like. Will also send you 
the instructions for cleaning the PTO if I can find them. BE SURE before you 
take the PTO out and unsolder the wires to make note of what wire goes to 
which lug on the PTO.

73, Mike N4NT

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I had a comment while on the CW traffic net 40 meters tonight that my tx was 
drifting up and down a little while transmitting on my Omni D series C. I 
could also hear the freq shift in the receiver. The band was very noisy 
tonight and I had just returned from receiving a message from a station that 
was popping my AGC every transmit very hard. (The worst aspect of this radio 
and my biggest complaint). I've thought about trading up for a Corsair II 
that solved this problem.

Anyway I finished with the net and moved down freq and had a QSO with a guy 
who said my signal was rock solid. I called another net just a little later 
on 80 meters and my report again was solid, no drift.

I guess it is intermittent, but where should I start looking to trouble 
shoot this issue?

BTW: I love this simple older radio. I bought it with traffic nets in mind 
because it has a Digital display, Great receiver, and I have all the filters 
installed. It is perfect for when you want to concentrate more on copying 
formal traffic and less on finding a function on the rig. Just flip a switch 
for all adjustments or a quick turn of a knob. No menus to draw your 
attention away from what your doing.

Any help is appreciated.

Ivin W9ILF

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