[TenTec] new amp

Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Fri Aug 17 19:26:01 EDT 2012

Bingo !   Yes... there IS a brand loyalty branch on my decision tree.  I 
would much prefer to buy one from TT.   I have nothing against the other 
team, but I would PREFER to buy one from TenTec.

I have, in fact, seriously considered the KPA-500 - FOR USE WITH MY 
TS-590S - and not  my Omni VII, mostly because my Centurion amp is so 
blamed GOOD and easy to run.   Thus, while I have no reason to buy 
another amp   (Bob K4TAX expressed this thought better than I can 
earlier...)  other than would be fun to have two amps in the shack.

So, maybe I am a TT "groupie" after all ... but, well, shoot, I really 
would like TT to produce a small, light weight, state of the art, solid 
state amp that runs on 110v AC, and is the same size as the rig.... 
perhaps a Model 418 writ large.

I like the looks of the new little amp, and I agree Stan did a fine job 
with the video - he makes a good presentation.   I miss Scott's nervous, 
excited presentations on "TenTec TV,"  because I like him,  and can feel 
his enthusiasm,  but Stan makes a better "commercial."

ALSO - the best part is that TenTec seems to have scooped the rest of 
the market, and is FIRST to produce this type of amp  (I think.)

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On 8/17/2012 1:53 AM, Jim Brown wrote:

> That perfectly describes the Elecraft KPA500. One is sitting on my

> So if that's what you want, there's no reason other than blind brand
> loyalty to not buy it.

> Likewise, I think KX3 owners would be well advised to give the new Ten
> Tec amp a look.

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