[TenTec] For sale

Chris SETXChris at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 5 20:29:18 PST 2012

Excess to my needs:

TenTec OMNI 6 PLUS in mind shape with desk mic, spkr and P/S and one -- 1)
9MHZ IF filter in it....was serviced by TenTec 2 years ago

Kenwood TS-850AT with two PSs- 30A and 50A (50A is not working but
repairable), desk mic, spkr and external watt meter

Both in excellent to mint shape and guaranteed in working shape (can provide
test results from IFR1500)

Also have 5 element (I think it's a 5element) triband yagi.....missing some
minor pieces but can be ordered from manufacturer.

Contact me DIRECT if interested.....

SETXTelecom at att.net
409-233-0050 Office/cell (cannot accept text)
832-364-6801 Houston #

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