[TenTec] Tuner Questions

Greg S oldlongbeard at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 16 13:36:59 PST 2012

In my opinion, the Ten Tec L-network tuners do an excellent job. The only weakness, in my experience, seems to be the disc capacitors that are switched in. They have been known to "explode" when put under high power, with extreme loads. I have owned 2 of them with this issue, including one of the later ones where TT saw fit to parallel two caps on each position, to alleviate the problem. That particular one also "Sizzled" a few contacts on the switch wafers. (God only knows the power/ impedance conditions this happened under, as I bought the tuners in that condition). Judicious application of doorknob caps has been done to one, with excellent results. See a story on the mod here: http://n6ie.com/Ten_Tec_238.html
I would suggest the continued use of your DXE balun, as they are a quality unit.
Hope this helps.

Regards, Greg Schippers, KC8HXO

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Opinions about any of the Ten-Tec 238 series tuners are wanted.  I'll take the 
the good, bad or indifferent? 


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