[TenTec] Orion 1 Smudge on the Screen.

Paul hglent at frii.com
Thu Jan 19 13:02:08 PST 2012

I took the Orion 1 off the table a few days ago.  I finally had to clean 
up the mess. Put the rig on the shelf until I finished the cleaning.  
When I went to bring it back to the op table I noticed a "smudge" on the 
upper left corner of the screen.  I tried to carefully wipe it off.  No 
such luck.  Powered the rig up, and still the "smudge" is there.

I have done several resets, and still it persists.  Upon examination it 
appears to be some kind of discoloration between the 2 outer layers of 
the display.

Do any of you folks have any ideas as to what this is, and should I 
start saving my money for a new rig???

Thanks in advance for all the learned advice I am about to receive.  It 
all will be greatly appreciated.

Paul K.
PS The XYL just gave me her learned advice about a new rig, the Eagle!  
I guess I better figure out a way to fix the Orion, or learn to live 
with it.  hi hi

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