[TenTec] Re. [Ten Tec] Grounds

Stuart Rohre rohre at arlut.utexas.edu
Thu Jan 26 12:55:50 PST 2012

Yes you can fan out radials and even zig zag some to fit available 
space, run them along fence lines, on your side, etc.

I meant by disconnection to unplug antennas and AC lines from the ham 
equipment inside the house.

If you get a big switch, it might be to disconnect any balanced feed 
lines and coax switches to disconnect coax feeds.  But, the more 
reliable protection is to unscrew the feedline and throw it out the 
window, ie space it away from house and equipment.

For mobile use, I know hams who have zig zagged 20m 16 foot radials 
under their pick up truck frame to improve RF ground for a screwdriver 
or other antenna.  Radials for one antenna will only help your R7.  The 
R7 does not have very effective RF ground with its minimal radial rods.
I have used them at Field Day, and also owned an R5 a short time, but 
let it go.

My most effective multi bander has been my Gap Titan.  Before that I had 
a WRL (now MFJ) 18 AVT vertical.


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