[TenTec] OT: EXAMPLE: Feeding a groundplane with Openwire

Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP Rick at DJ0IP.de
Sat Jan 28 03:09:37 PST 2012

Sri, I forgot who originally asked the question here in the Ten-Tec group.


Here is a good example of feeding a ground plane with openwire, but it's not
a trap GP.

It works on all bands, 40 thru 10 meters, and has a low angle of radiation.




When I spoke of this antenna earlier, I quoted the wrong person.

It was written by Martin, DK7ZB.


You will see that this is a simple, cheap, multi-band antenna which works

You only have to be careful with the length of feedline, but that is
described on the page.

BTW, it will work on 80m too, but not as effective as on the higher bands.


WHAT I DON'T KNOW, is how exactly this might compare to feeding a trap
vertical (elevated and insulated from ground) with openwire feedline, which
was the original question.


IMHO, before I would try to feed the trap vertical with openwire, I would
take down the trap vertical, sell it, and buy a fiberglass pole and matchbox
to build something like the antenna described here.  Or else I would just
feed the trap vertical with coax and be done with it.



Rick, DJ0IP


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