[TenTec] 229A SWR Circuit

Rick W ve7tk at yahoo.ca
Sun Jul 1 08:39:29 PDT 2012

I have recently acquired a 229A tuner.  It needed a few repairs - mainly mechanical - but otherwise seems in good shape.  I've replaced the dial elastic cord and it tunes smoothly and consistently.

I am having a problem with the SWR / Power measurement circuitry.  I can't get the meter to full scale and power measurements are way off.  Calibration is impossible.

The meter is moving - albeit nowhere near the correct deflection.

My guess is that the SWR circuit in the 229A is similar to the current 238.  Is there any history of problems with this circuit.  Any reports of: 
	1. meter movement failure;
	2. leaky capacitors; or
	3. open or out of tolerence resistors?
 This is a pretty simple circuit and virtually all the parts (less the meter) are likely in my junk box. If there's a history of a part failure I'd like to start there.



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