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Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP Rick at DJ0IP.de
Tue Jul 3 06:40:01 PDT 2012

A successful dxer needs what Bob said, but also "lots of time and a plan".
It is important to know what expeditions are active and when they will be on
the air, and THEN get in there early and listen, listen, listen.

Yes, you can work the world on 5 watts and a piece of wire, but not in a
pile up and not at the wrong time of day.
The DX stations, especially the expeditions, are probably running a good
antenna and lots of power.  Unless you have the same, you will hear them for
a lot longer period of time than you are able to work them through the

So, when the rare island hits the airwaves, start listening the first day or
two.  Learn how the propagation is to that QTH and what time of day his
signal peaks at your QTH.  That's the time to call him.  Otherwise you may
have to call all day long before you get him.  After a couple of days, a lot
of people will have already worked him, and the competition is less.  If you
call when propagation is optimum, there's a good chance you'll work him with
just a few calls.

And don't forget,  "IT'S THE ANTENNA, STUPID!"  ;-)

Rick, DJ0IP

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Three things:
(a) bigger/ better antenna
(b) better receiver
(c) more power

Bob, K4TAX

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> On 7/2/2012 8:55 PM, Steve Mercure wrote:
> There are several tricks that one can use when chasing DX on CW where 
> guile is king.
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> Ah... Hmmm....
> Exactly the point to my questions !  Now, what
> ARE all those little tricks ?
> OBSERVATION:  There are two types of people in
> the world...   There are those who learn from
> others' mistakes... and... then....
> there are the OTHERS.
> I try to stay in the former, and out of the
> latter, category.       ;-)
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