[TenTec] Omni VI+ option #3 off Freq

Robert Mcgraw rmcgraw at blomand.net
Wed Jul 4 16:02:23 PDT 2012

Should you decide to do a frequency alignment, be sure to follow the
exact steps and sequence in the manual.  The BFO's and frequency of same
will affect final readout.

It does require a good / accurate frequency counter to set the BFO's

Bob, K4TAX

> Hello to all of you on the list.  I picked up a Omni VI+ option #3 a few
> weeks ago.  Radio works great and is loaded with filters for CW and SSB.
> I found that the radio is off freq by plus 0.07 in USB and LSB.  I have
> been able to correct this by turning on the RIT/XIT.
> How can I correct the difference from what the read out is and the real
> freq?
> BTW I like this radio better that the FT-1000MP that I sold.  The
> Ten-Tec , I just like a lot better.  Should not have waited so long to
> buy one.
> Thanks
> Paul, WG0G
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