[TenTec] Do I really need a circut breaker?

David Cuttler davidcuttler at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 5 19:14:55 PDT 2012

In the past I owned a Corsair II, and an OMNI VI option 2 which I ran using a Samlex Switching power supply, and no circuit breaker. Same for some other non Ten Tec rigs.

I just purchased a very nice OMNI V, which I like better than the OMNI VI, and even an OMNI VII that I had for awhile. It came with the 962 Power supply with the speaker, which while looking nice, takes up too much real estate on my desk. I would like to purchase a power cord from Ten Tec,  go back to using my Samlux supply, and my Kenwood SP-230 speaker with the built in filters, and dual inputs.

This is the question...the rig is fused, so do I really need a circuit breaker, and if I do, what do I want, and where do I get it? 

On a side note, I just installed the N4PY OMNI V.92 chip, and after making my own button overlays (not an easy task for 74 year old eyes & hands), I am loving this radio. It's like the Corsair II on steroids! Much better receive audio than the OMNI VI, and in my opinion even better than the OMNI VII. It is certainly an easy rig to operate, and  I just hate DSP! This rig may be the one that will push my Kenwood TS-830S into backup service.

Also, If a person does not get all the emails, is there a proper way to answer a posting without breaking the string?


David - KE6YX

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