[TenTec] My First Ten-Tec

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Nice Ten-Tec story, Tony.

I'm afraid I have to disagree with you on the Icom front.
All other companies have seen the light and begun building rigs (again) with
downward conversion.
Only Icom remains stubborn and continues to build and over-price rigs with
upward conversion.
Take a look at the transmitter IMD on some of the newest Icoms.  Worse than
their predecessors. 
IMHO, their Engineers need to catch up with their Marketers!

That doesn't leave much, since you don't like the current TS-590.
I saw the new FT-3000 at Friedrichshafen; liked the size and simple design.
I'm anxious for Rob to measure it but I'm sure the price is above my pay

Anyway, I already have the best radio in the world:  the Eagle!  :=)

Rick, DJ0IP

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My first rig of any kind after getting my novice was a third-hand Century
21. I used it and an indoor wire 20m dipole inside my second floor apartment
to work 30 countries before I somehow upgraded to a Triton IV 544. I don't
remember if I bought it new or second hand. Only remember that I purchased
it shortly before I moved to a house. I loved the 544, used it for many
years, and fleshed it out with a remote VFO, etc.

Eventually replaced it with a Kenwood 940 when that rig came out. Used it as
a backup rig for many years before I sold it to a guy in California who was
a Ten Tec afficianado.

Now the 940 is old and I'm looking to replace it with something before it
dies completely. Not interested in the Kenwood 2000 or 590. The new TS-990
might be ok, but I expect it will be too expensive. The ICOMs aren't bad,
but can't afford them. The Orion II is emerging as the best candidate, but
have had no experience with it and not clear how to interface my KAM and my
TL-922 linear to it. I expect there won't be a problem, but haven't done
that for many years.

Getting back to Ten Tec would be nice. Been gone a long time.

Tony, KX1G

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