[TenTec] What's wrong with the Ten Tec Scout?

Bill Rowlett kc4atu at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 7 18:23:46 PDT 2012

I agree with what the others have said. I had the Scout's little brother, the Argo with all 9 bands. Ran both CW and phone and had no trouble at all with it. I love the jones filter and prefer it to all the fixed filters out there.
Sold it, and wish now that I had it back, but I do love my 516.
73 and good DX
Bill  KC4ATU

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> Subject: [TenTec] What's wrong with the Ten Tec Scout?
> I have been following the "First Ten Tec" thread by Rick with great interest! Mine started with a PM3 then a Triton IV then an OMNI A Series B then an OMNI D then another Triton IV with digital accessory along with a Century 21, a Century 22 and then I bought a Corsair II. At one time had then all together and used all of them CW only (no SSB).
> I got very sick in 2000 and disposed of all my gear! Everything.
> Too make a long story short I am still here. I want ( and need) to get back on the air and I found a Scout with all the modules and plan to put it on the air as soon as I get a wire up.
> I read the post from the fellow who thought "the Scout was Ten Tec's low point". I would like to hear from Scout users who love the Scout or hate it. I want to know about the freq drift(?) when using the internal keyer(?) Will it be better if I use an external keyer? Will I like the Jones filter after using 250/500 Hz filters? This Scout was back to Ten Tec for a go-over about a year ago (right before I bought it). I have the 937 Power Supply to use with it.
> I plan to use the Scout fixed only-no mobile. And on CW only. Give me your experiences and thoughts! I would be grateful for any info! Thanks!! Mike N8CRF whomike at yahoo.com
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