[TenTec] OT: Looking for good starter HF transceiver

Carl Moreschi n4py2 at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 18 04:37:27 PDT 2012

I would get an old Tentec Omni D in good shape.  These can be found for 
around $250 and work very well.

Carl Moreschi N4PY
121 Little Bell Dr.
Hays, NC 28635

On 7/18/2012 7:35 AM, wade staggs wrote:
> I agree about the Paragon being the best out of the radio's listed. The
> Paragon does have one thing that I know of going against it. There is an
> issue with the Major and Minor Loop Boards that could cause problems. When
> this happens the display will read " PLL Out of Lock " or something to that
> effect. I traded a Laptop Computer for my Paragon which had that problem.
> After some really careful Soldering of these 2 boards, my Paragon has
> performed Flawlessly for well over 2 years. If, you go with the Paragon and
> that problem arises? I would be glad to help a New Ham get it fixed. He
> would need to pay the shipping both ways. Other than that it would be a
> nice afternoon project for me. Just give me a shout if I can be of help.I
> have been Inhaling Solder Smoke since 1971.
> 73 de Wade/KJ4WS
> On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 2:42 AM, Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP<Rick at dj0ip.de>  wrote:
>> but
>> this is the best group I know of to get information and help.
>> Thanks to all those who have answered here and off line:
>> There were lots of good tips and several offers (a couple I wish I could
>> buy
>> myself - hi).
>> The radio is for Hans, (KF5HEI).  He is currently only a Technician but
>> will
>> take the General exam next week at the local Hamfest.  Being that Hans is a
>> lot younger than me, I'm sure he is going to develop a lot more interest in
>> digital modes than I ever had or will have.  I have absolutely zero
>> experience there.  I also doubt that Hans will learn CW any time soon.
>> *** So SSB will be the starting mode, but how well can he evolve into
>> digital modes with the rigs in this price range we're looking at?  Perhaps
>> the answer is "he can't" and we'll have to accept that.  Again the price
>> range is about $500 (or less).
>> Here's what has been said:
>> First and foremost, a rig of this age is best sourced from either a dealer
>> who gives at least a small guarantee, or someone you know (and I place
>> everyone on this list in that category).  NOT: do not buy a rig from
>> someone
>> who purchased it cheap for the purpose of reselling it.
>> In this price range, most of the rigs suggested were about 30 years old.
>> Clearly it is a safer bet to have a Ten-Tec than anything else in this age
>> group.
>> I am pretty familiar with all of the rigs we have found or been offered,
>> except I have no idea how well (or ill) suited they are for digital modes.
>> Here is a list of what we have found or been offered, no preference in
>> order:
>>    - Ten-Tec Delta 580
>>    - Ten-Tec Triton IV Analog w. PS (PTO is good).
>>    - Kenwood TS-120 (from a dealer)
>>    - Yaesu FT-707 (from a dealer)
>>    - Yaesu FT-900 AT (I own one of these and simply love it)
>>    - Yaesu FT-840 (absolutely mint, like from the showroom floor)
>>    - Yaesu FT-450D  (I've read about problems with TX hum on SSB for these
>> models)
>>    - Kenwood TS-440 with PS, Speaker, Desk Mic (long time owner, guarantees
>> it in good condx)
>>    - Ten-Tec Paragon (not from our group), supposed to be in good working
>> order
>>    - Kenwood TS-930 (agreed it is a great rig but a bit challenging for a
>> newcomer).
>> I really didn't expect to find so many rigs in one day.
>> I can kinda rank them according to my own priorities, and all the Ten-Tecs
>> are right up top, but the radio is for Hans, not for me.
>> A few don't have the WARC bands. Doesn't bother me much because most of my
>> operation is contests.  But Hans will probably want to get on 17m.
>> So if anyone can add some information regarding using any of these in
>> digital modes, that would help us a lot.
>> Finally, if I remove my Ten-Tec cap, which is made of solid brass, is
>> heavy,
>> and hard to get off, objectively I like the FT-840 simply because it is in
>> immaculate shape.
>> Tnx.
>> 73
>> Rick, DJ0IP
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