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Station ground and electrical ground must be bonded together according to 
the National Electrical Code.

My experience of more than thirty years has been with eight foot copper clad 
ground rods driven through the bottom of the basement sump wells. Both rods 
are bonded together and to the cold water pipe and the grounding lug - 
neutral bond of the house electrical Main Distribution Panel IAW the 
National Electrical Panel.

The grounding lugs of the electrical outlets for my station are connected to 
the nearest sump ground rod (supplemental ground IAW NEC) as are the RF 
grounding connections of ALL station equipment. Grounding conductors for RF 
are copper braid with a maximum length of ten feet.  The sump nearest the 
desk receives salt water discharge from our water softener, the sump 
furthest away receives laundry water discharge. Outside ground rods enter 
water-bearing clay at approximately four feet (dry conditions).

All antennas are at DC ground and RF and control cables protected to ground 
outside. The outside grounds are bonded to the MDP ground outside.

For years I believed the station ground could be separate;  commercial 
classes in Power and Grounding, Lightning Protection, and the National 
Electrical Code, which I attended as required by my employer changed my 
opinion. The first thing I did in my shack after returning home was to bond 
the station ground to the cold water pipe and MDP!

73 ES DX,
Gary -- AB9M

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Been using this for years.  Neighbors live 8 feet away.  Check out QRZ.com 
look at google maps.

Ok 0.1 uf cap. should be used.

read http://www.hamuniverse.com/grounding.html

RF travels on the skin or the out side. Need to detune is so it does not 
radiate as much as the conduit in the house. Station ground and electrical 
ground should be separated. Tower ground needs to be connected to electrical 
ground per NFPA guide lines.

Stay on course, fight a good fight, and keep the faith. Jim K9TF/WA9YSD
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