[TenTec] OT: Question about TS-590 possible problem

Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Fri Oct 5 16:29:46 EDT 2012

I remember the thread, Rick...  in part, because I started it.

We had issues between four TenTec rigs and four Elecraft rigs.   The 
single band, band pass filter was the only suggestion proffered at the 
time.  In our contest shack, we had two such filters on each rig-amp 
combination, so we were looking for other ideas.  No other solutions 
were suggested.

Not good news to hear the TS-590s might cause issues, as I wanna take my 
TS-590s to the next contest, because somebody dinged my beloved Omni VII 
at the last outing, and I don't wanna risk any more harm to it, but I 
might risk the TS-590, instead.  I would hate for that to cause us more 
problems than the Elecraft rigs cause us !   (said with good humor, as 
we don't fully know which radios are causing the problems, other than 
the Elecraft boys complained they could hear the TT boys, but not the 
other way around - so we don't know if the TT rigs are noisy, or the 
Elecraft rigs are overly sensitive - or whether it is an antenna or some 
other issue at work.)

I wish I had a better solution, as I would like to  a) solve the 
problem,  and b) be the one to do it.

===============  K8JHR  ================

On 10/5/2012 12:58 PM, Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP wrote:
> Yeh, but you don't carry those on airplanes, Dave.
> I'm pretty sure they have bpf's, either ICE or Dundstar.
> I'm looking for specifics on the TS-590.
> Changing the transceivers will be an absolute last resort.


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