[TenTec] Paragon II model 586 questions

Geoffrey S. Mendelson geoffreymendelson at gmail.com
Sat Oct 6 12:24:19 EDT 2012

Peter Bertini wrote:
> Thanks Mike... that confirms my suspicions. I'd also guess the Dallas time
> chip has an internal battery for the clock. Those Dallas chips seem to run
> forever. I'd wonder if anyone has opened one up to see if it is feasible to
> replace the internal battery?

In the mid 1990's Sun SPARC workstations were all dying because the 
batteries in these chips failed. When they did the ethernet stopped 
working, and since a 5 year old UNIX system with no ethernet is 
basically a door stop, they became give away items.

There was a site with a web page documenting these chips and how to 
replace the battery. The top of them was potted with a brittle compound 
and could easily be chipped away from the battery with a pair of 
diagonal cutting pliers, a hammer, or any other number of similar and 
more precision tools.

They are not fussy about batteries, having no source of lithium 
batteries with tabs, I replaced several with 3 or 4 AA batteries in a 
flat plastic holder. Others I just soldered wires to available lithium 



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