[TenTec] Argosy Value?

Shawn Upton kb1ckt at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 6 13:15:06 EDT 2012

I'm thinking of taking my Argosy to Nearfest (along with a pair of 2591's), and I'm wondering what is a good price to try to sell it for.  Ballpark if you will.  It is working, but many scratches (I'd say poor cosmetic condition), needs a dial cord as I recall it having drift issues on the bottom of 80m.  Fully optioned, although the audio filter is one I put together on perfboard (while staying true to the original design); has power supply, mic, manual.  I did upgrade the mixer diodes and switching diodes.  Has a KD1JV digital readout also (separate box though).

[I've thought about leaving at my inlaws, for when I visit; but am not sure about leaving my radio equipment unattended; and I lack space at home.]


Shawn Upton, KB1CKT
NAQCC 4723

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