[TenTec] OT: Question about TS-590 possible problem

Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP Rick at DJ0IP.de
Sun Oct 7 13:10:49 EDT 2012

Hi Rick,

That's one possibility, but currently I tend to believe it's a generic
problem with the 590.
Mind you, it is not me running the test, rather friends that are located
about 200 miles away from here.
They were going to start doing things like changing coax and building better
baluns, etc, but then I remembered that I had read about an issue with the
590 some time back.  I told them flat out it's their radios and swap them
before wasting any brain cycles on other causes of the problem.

I have seen this problem about 20 years ago when we were setting up a
multi-multi station (12 transmitters - 6 simultaneously) and we found out
that a lot of radios are no good for this.  We used to have a list of bad
radios that we simply did not bother to take along to the team contesting
events.  It looks like the 590 will go onto that old list as well.

The boys are going to try two other transceivers.  When they come back with
those results, if that doesn't cure the problem, I'll pass along the tip of
the P.S.  That is a good one which I hadn't thought about, but it certainly
is one possibility. It's added to the check list.  Tnx Rick.

However, like I said, I'm now at the stage that I believe it's just a poorly
designed radio.
Shame on Kenwood if that proves the to be true.
In the meantime I've had two other guys send me information off-reflector,
who on similar problems as these guys experienced with the 590.

Bob, on the bandpass filter, well you are correct when referring to the
broadband ones designed to be inserted in the TX line.
And several people have suggested bandpass filters, but first of all we are
already using them and second of all, as Bob correctly pointed out, the
broadband noise is also INSIDE the passband of these filters!!!

I have a homebrew tunable filter for 40m which will attenuate a signal in
the SSB portion of the band about 25 to 30 dB when I'm listening in the CW
portion of the band.  AND, the old Omni's with their "elevator" preselector
used to be good at that too.  Yup, radios are getting worse in some respect.
Too bad.  

Just to show you how effective these work, in 1988 we were running a
multi-multi CQWW from the highest mountain in Liechtenstein (HB0).  It was
the SSB contest and I was on the 80m team.  The run station had a drake C
line with 1000w and a vertically polarized delta loop.  I had an Omni A on a
vertical.  The antennas were separated by about 100 meters, but the radios
were side by side.  With the run station working a pile up near the top of
the band, I was casually searching for multipliers on the low end of the SSB
band - on the same band, using only a stock Omni C, NO EXTERNAL BANDPASS
FILTERS.  I tuned the preselector a bit lower in the band (into the CW band)
which gave me a lot of attenuation to the higher portion of the band.
Worked just fine.  I worked tons of multipliers that way.  YOU CAN'T DO THAT
WITH MOST OF TODAY'S RADIOS!  BTW, pictures of that operation are here:

Rick, DJ0IP

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Rick I have not read all on this topic that has been posted BUT could the
noise be entering the 590 via the power supply?  RF entering the DC supply
could be rectified and enter the 590 and play havoc.

Try another supply or a battery and some chokes on the DC leads.

Anyway - my 2 cents worth.  Good luck.

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