[TenTec] transmitt noise

Rick Dougherty NQ4I nq4i at contesting.com
Sun Oct 7 14:20:44 EDT 2012

Hi all...been busy flying planes the past few days...but I saw the
comments about the Kenwood 590's and how they are making noise on
transmit..lest anyone forget...there are Rcvr specs...
and TenTec Orions 565 and 566 top that list ...and then there are the
ARRL spectral purity list/rankings and once again Tentec Orions top
that list...I had a 100% Yaesu station about
4 years ago using the FT1000D transceivers...inband noise...white
noise was exceeding 40 db over 9 on the same bands.....when I began
replacing the Yaesu's with TenTec orion 565's..the inband
noise dropped from that 40 over 9 figure to S5...that is significant
reduction of noise...the out of band noise ...or noise from other
bands decreased exponentially...now my station is 100% Orions...and
our scores have improved by leaps and bounds...we are still working on
a new level of filtering using inband xtal filters on the rcvr front
ends to take the s5 figure down to S1 or lower...more on that after
CQWW CW....Study the rcvr and transmitter specs and buy wisely!

de Rick NQ4I

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