[TenTec] OT: Question about TS-590 possible problem

Dave Edwards kd2e at comcast.net
Mon Oct 8 12:58:16 EDT 2012

As I mentioned to the original poster, the club I used to belong to 
operated Field Day out in some woods...in tents, since before I was born.
I started with them as a novice in the '70s.
For about ten years, we never had a problem.....until the tube-type rigs 
were slowly replaced with TS520's FT101's, and IC701's.
Then GUARANTEED....hash from the other transmitters...running back and 
forth between tents to say "Mike wants to get on 40 CW....you have to 
stop!"...Also, trying
to set up wire antennas perpendicular to each other, bandpass filters, 
BIGGER areas, so antennas could be farther apart.
For yucks, somewhere in the mid '80s...we set up all old rigs again 
...mostly TR4's and SB102's.
Not a single problem...
Somewhere around then, I moved, the club disbanded....don't know 
what...if anything ever developed after that!
But it really happened, I was there!

On 10/8/2012 12:24 PM, Richards wrote:
> Rick -- we need to take this off the TenTec list.   It really does not 
> belong here.  Calling me names and measuring my purported ignorance is 
> something we should slog out in private.   And the bulk of the inquiry 
> belongs on a 590 list.
> Perhaps you did participate in the previous thread where I asked about 
> the exact same problem with bunch of K3s and a pile of TT rigs, but 
> neither did you post a solution.  Labeling another man's rig " cheap" 
> is tantamount to "fighting words" in the ham community.   (OK... I 
> still have a sense of humor and I might overstate the case a bit...) 
> but the TT rigs at our contest station are not cheap, and they may be 
> causing similar problems for our team, and you are welcome to fix that 
> problem for us if you can.
> I suspect a more sophisticated technical solution is needed. Merely 
> tossing the radios over the cliff is not a solution to the problem... 
> it merely sidesteps the issue.  We will have the same radios this year 
> as we had in our contest shack last year, and we cannot just replace 
> them with other radios -- clearly we need a real solution that enables 
> all our radios to cavort in harmony ... and so do your friends.
> But, lets slog this out privately, and leave the TT list for TT issues.
> OH... er... and you foreign guys talk funny.  I think the phrase is 
> typically "dollars to doughnuts"  - not dollars to "doughnut holes" - 
> actually, although you are free to exercise poetic license and bet 
> your dollars against anything you like !    The phrase seems to have 
> originated in a 1920s Ellery Queen story where a character said 
> something like, "I'll bet dollars to doughnuts Field played the stock 
> market or the horses..."
> Just MY take.    Happy days to ya, VOM.
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> On 10/8/2012 11:34 AM, Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP wrote:
>> You obviously have no previous experience with EXACTLY this same 
>> problem.
>> I have lots of experience with it and it was ALWAYS the radio.
>> You have no idea of what you are talking about here.
>> I will bet a dollar against a doughnut hole that it is this problem 
>> again.
>> These may all very well be broken Kenwoods.  If so, somebody (not you 
>> or me)
>> needs to find out what's going on.
>>> I have seen this problem about 20 years ago when we were setting up a
>>> multi-multi station (12 transmitters - 6 simultaneously) and we found
>>> out that a lot of radios are no good for this.  We used to have a list
>>> of bad radios that we simply did not bother to take along to the team
>>> contesting events.  It looks like the 590 will go onto that old list as
>> well.
>>         I appears to me, you are leaping to
>>         conclusions with very    little hard data.
>> I didn't see it once.  I saw it again and again and again as 
>> inexperienced
>> operators brought their cheap PLL rigs to a team contest.
>>         You may be right... but I don't think you can
>>         prove it on the data presented here.
>> We agree this point.  That's why I got more data, off reflector.  For 
>> some
>> reason the guy we both know did not want to post it onto the 
>> reflector, so I
>> can't say who it is, but I'm sure he is someone you will agree is
>> knowledgeable.
>>         WERE AT FAULT THEN...
>> Not guilty!  I did not voice an opinion in that discussion.
>> I did not even post a comment.
>> I would have to learn more about exactly what the problem was, I 
>> would have
>> questions, and if the setup is no longer there, we might not get the 
>> answers
>> I need to determine what's going on.
>> and did not
>>         suggest we get new radios... even though
>>         you had no better solution than band pass
>>         filters.   I guess on the same argument, we
>>         should be selling all our TT gear because
>>         they make noise in the Elecraft ears...
>> I don't think it was me who said bandpass filters.  Maybe it was.  
>> Depends
>> on what the problem was.  If it is broadband noise, bandpass filters 
>> don't
>> help.
>>         No... I think the Jury is still out on this
>>         problem.
>> AGREE again.
>> Gotta run.  I am starting a course in Italian tonight.
>> Cheers!
>> Rick
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