[TenTec] Dipole Over Pool Enclosure

Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Thu Oct 11 19:44:01 EDT 2012

I think I would hang it and just see how it works, while carefully 
documenting impedance and other data for various frequencies and bands. 
  I believe ANY nearby large object, especially  one of made of metal, 
can affect the radiation pattern, or  or affect impedance, but you won't 
really know HOW if you don't try it.  I am no expert on computer 
modeling programs, but I doubt that would give you much of an answer to 
how this structure would affect a dipole, whereas the programs do 
consider different ground conditions.  Maybe you could look into the 
computer modeling programs, and see what sort of 
worst-case-metal-object-below-the-antenna scenario you can construct, 
and see if that makes any substantial difference.

But I say hang it and see how it plays...   then try the vertical Kris 
mentions... and compare them... and then try something else... and... so 
forth until you either get too sick or too old.       ;-)

Just MY take...

----------------------  K8JHR  ------------------------------

On 10/11/2012 5:05 PM, Kris Merschrod wrote:
> Dick,
> I'd go for a VERTICAL and use the pool structure for radials.

> Yes, the Al will distort the radiation pattern of the dipole and change
> the impedence but what with the TT Tuner that can be handled.  With the
> linear folks can get an RF tan instead of those dangerous sun rays!


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