[TenTec] Dipole Over Pool Enclosure

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 Probably the swimming pool uses salt for conditioning.
I just returned from The Villages visiting family, and their pool uses salt 
instead of chlorine. They have a bird cage as per regulations.
I also was informed that a lot of houses have extensive lightning rods 
protection on the roofs...I could see the little spikes and grounding system 
on the rooftops

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> The modeling over a metal pool structure would involve interpreting the 
> effect of the fresh water pool on the antenna ground conditions, and also 
> the ground effect of the metal structure.  The analogy could be made to 
> modeling a mobile whip over a car structure.  This has been done and was 
> written up some years back in "Communications Quarterly" or "QEX".   I 
> believe by a VE ham who worked for Canada's Propagation Laboratory.  A 
> segmented outline of the car shape was used in the calculation of fields, 
> much as you use segments of the antenna in NEC Antenna modeling.
> -Stuart Rohre
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