[TenTec] Dipole Over Pool Enclosure

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*Several years ago upon moving my stuff in with my Beautiful Brenda, ( now
a General Class KK4CJG ).... I had no permission ( at the time ) from our
Landlord to put up an HF Antenna. After a bit of looking around, the Roof
over all 3 Apartments was Aluminium. Using an Ohm Meter we found a really
good ( low ohm ) connection between all panels of the roof. My Tuner would
bring the SWR to ZERO on all bands. With the center conductor of the coax
connected to the roof and a really good earth ground, I talked all over the
world for about 3 months. One Hundred Watts only though. I never thought
about High Powered Computer Modeling Software, just started talking.
Currently, only one HF Antenna. Which is 126 foot Multi band Dipole. 63
feet of #12 wire in each direction and fed with 450 ohm Ladder Line. The
Tuner is very happy Except on 15 Meters which the Tuner loves at 100 Watts
but plays Old Sparky at a full Gallon from 2 ... 3-500ZG's All other bands
are Fine Business. My suggestion would be to Hang some wire in the air and
see how it talks. Also, as someone has already suggested, A good Vertical
in the middle of such a good Counterpoise as the Pool Enclosure, would
assure some really good DX Contacts. I have talked all around the world on
antenna's that the Computer Software did not seem too happy with. What I am
trying to say is, like the Nike Slogan ... " Just Do It ! " Still wishing
that we had not gotten a house..... That Humongous Aluminium Roof would
have been Great with an Elevated Vertical sitting in the middle of it
as it's Ground, Counterpoise.......*
*                                                              73 to all
cul de Wade/KJ4WS*

On Sat, Oct 13, 2012 at 9:15 AM, Jim GM <jim.gmforum at gmail.com> wrote:

> Tie everything and any thing you can to ground or ground side of the
> antenna. this will reduce noise. Especially on top bands. Lighting is a
> hazard. Best is to disconnect radio from antenna and ground so you do not
> get lighting feed back into the shack.
> On Sat, Oct 13, 2012 at 8:18 AM, denton <denton at oregontrail.net> wrote:
> > Probably the swimming pool uses salt for conditioning.
> > I just returned from The Villages visiting family, and their pool uses
> > salt instead of chlorine. They have a bird cage as per regulations.
> > I also was informed that a lot of houses have extensive lightning rods
> > protection on the roofs...I could see the little spikes and grounding
> > system on the rooftops
> >
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> >  The modeling over a metal pool structure would involve interpreting the
> >> effect of the fresh water pool on the antenna ground conditions, and
> also
> >> the ground effect of the metal structure.  The analogy could be made to
> >> modeling a mobile whip over a car structure.  This has been done and was
> >> written up some years back in "Communications Quarterly" or "QEX".   I
> >> believe by a VE ham who worked for Canada's Propagation Laboratory.  A
> >> segmented outline of the car shape was used in the calculation of
> fields,
> >> much as you use segments of the antenna in NEC Antenna modeling.
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