[TenTec] Model 238C Tuner Questions

Mike Gorniak radionorthstar at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 14:42:44 EDT 2012


Is that a Ten Tec 238 series tuner with a built in 4:1 balun?

Mike, NM7X

On 10/16/2012 1:27 PM, Robert Mcgraw wrote:
  Balanced feed systems are really quite easy to install and use and are 
proven to be the highest efficient means of transferring RF. I know what 
you've been told by others about balanced feed systems. From my 
experience, what I've been told by others is largely at least 90% wrong. 
The other 10% is questionable. I run a balanced feed from the top of the 
tower, down the tower on suitable stand-offs, through the eve vent, 
across the attic, and it drops down through the ceiling to the tuner. 
Nope, no coax or balun to get to the outside either. That defeats the 
general purpose. Yes the procedure in the manual works well. Start with 
the lowest frequency bands first, make a chart and move to the higher 
frequency bands. As one gets to the higher frequencies, the tuning 
controls are more critical but the actual tuning range is much wider 
than many other types of tuners. 73 Bob, K4TAX

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