[TenTec] Orion 1 SWR

jack jfriend31 at comcast.net
Fri Oct 19 07:24:40 EDT 2012

without tuning my Orion's (565 both) show SWR of about 1.2 into the T8 log 
on several bands. tuning with the internal tuner can bring the SWR to 1.1 to 
1 on a couple bands.

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Wondering if anyone has run across an Orion 1 with SWR that remains at 1.7,
even running into a 50 Ohm dummy load.  The problem appears to be on the CPU
board, not on the filter board or IF board.

In TUNE Mode (25W):

V_Fwd = 1.2V

V_Ref = .14V

I can ground the V_Reflected line prior to going into the CPU board (assures
ref power is zero) and the SWR remains at 1.7

If I ground the V_Ref line at the A to D converter, the SWR goes to 1.0

I've done a lot of checking and so far can't seem to determine where that
.14V is coming from.  Ideas appreciated.


Jeff W4DD

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