[TenTec] N4LQ's AGC mod isn't working for me.

Ivin Flint ivinflint at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 23 14:24:26 EDT 2012

I followed N4LQ's AGC mod of tack soldering a 5.6k ohm resistor across the 100k resistor in R39 on the IF-AGC board.  I found it's location by it being right above the IC chip.  The mod seems to make no difference at all for the AGC pop.  I can't find R39 listed on the schematic.  I see R29.  It appears that is coming off of IC pin 1.  There is one other 100k resistor on the IF-AGC board which I think comes off of IC pin 3.  I'm away from home but wanted to get a head start to the think tank so maybe I can work on this tonight some more.
E-ham reviews of the Omni C state an easy mod corrects a lot of the overload AGC pop.  Is this the mod or is there something else I can try.  I can desense the RESONATE control knob and keep the AGC at about 5 which is better, but isn't really the fix I'm looking for.  I use this radio on CW traffic nets nightly.  I will have a weak station check in on freq and then a KW strong station that will just blow my headphones off a second later check in.  Then I listen to both working on the same freq.  It can really ruin an enjoyable night on the air for me working on the nets.
I'm looking for confirmation I did the mod correctly and further ideas to improve the AGC pop.
Thanks as always to the collective help from the group.
Ivin W9ILF

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