[TenTec] Orion II USB button not working

Ted Bryant w4nz at comcast.net
Sun Jun 2 23:43:55 EDT 2013

The button used to select the "USB" mode is labeled  "ATTN".  It is a
multifunction button depending on what is on the display beside it.  Its
normal function is to switch in attenuation.  Does it work for this?  If not
then it likely is a problem with the button itself (or as suggested, a
ribbon connector that serves this button).  If it selects attenuation ok the
button is working correctly and there is a problem elsewhere.

73, Ted W4NZ 

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The USB mode selection suddenly stopped working.  I can go into any other
mode but when I try to go back to USB it does nothing.  Did clear and reset,
even loaded an earlier firmware version, nothing.  I'm thinking maybe a bad
push button?  Anyone ever had a similar problem?
Jim N4BE

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