[TenTec] 9420 PS Problem

Rick W ve7tk at yahoo.ca
Sun Jun 9 11:10:34 EDT 2013

Steve and Dave thanks for getting back on this.  

I was wondering if either of you knew the transformer output specifications.  I'm guessing it is around 12.6 VAC at perhaps 1 amp or so.  (The regulator is a 1-amp 7815.)

It is an interesting design with the transformer on 24/7 while AC power is applied.  I shut off AC to all my supplies with a Master switch in the station at the end of each day.

Interesting that the T-T replacement is not an exact match.  Digi-Key has several in stock and their delivery time to my QTH is amazing.  Just want to be close to the original in voltage and current rating.

Thanks for the surge suppressor tip bob.  I'll look into it.


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>Mine failed 9 years ago and I fitted a £15 replacement from RS-Components here in UK. Not much help to you as the part is no longer available :(
>It's worth noting that transformer is powered 24x7x365 if you leave
    the 9420 plugged in to a powered wall socket.
>Good luck in your search.
>Steve G3TXQ

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