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Sun Jun 9 22:37:17 EDT 2013

The TEN-TEC 40 meter SSB  warmup net started at 18:00 UTC on 7.261 with many stations checking in early to check radios, mics, audio, propagation and to ask questions about any TEN-TEC product. Bob, K4TAX was on the net and answered several questions from the net members. Bob is a TEN-TEC Beta Tester and also a TEN-TEC Ambassador and his knowledge about TEN-TEC products is really appreciated by me and all of the net members.

The regular TEN-TEC 40 meter SSB net started at 19:00 UTC with 94 people checking into the net. The TEN-TEC 20 meter SSB net followed at 20:00 UTC on 14.325 with 65 people checking into the net.

Congratulations to the 4 new TEN-TEC 10 Checkin Certificate Winners:

1.KC8YVP    Bill      OH
2.KC3AHY   Lisa    NJ
3.KC2VDL   Steve  NJ
4.KC2VDM  Alex    NJ

My appreciation to Lloyd N2KPC, NJ for his help, encouragement and instruction in helping many of the W2ZQ Club Members to get their Amateur Radio License. The 3 NJ winners above are an example of this.

Also thanks to Lloyd, N2KPC for this wonderful work as the Official Relay Station for the TEN-TEC 40 meter and 20 meter nets.

A special thanks to John KC2QMA, TN for streaming the live audio of the nets over the internet each week. Many people who are unable to check into the nets have been able to listen each week and really appreciate John's efforts.

A total of 731 different people have checked into the TEN-TEC nets since January 20, 2013, since the TEN-TEC Certificate Program was started by Jim Wharton, NO4A, Vice President TEN-TEC Inc. As you can see, this is a TEAM effort and I really do appreciate all of your support.

I will post the new Certificate Data Base in the FILES section in a few minutes. Thanks again and have a safe and blessed week.

John, K3UR

John D. Occhipinti, K3UR
Net Control, TEN-TEC SSB Nets
The Voice of Atlanta

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