[TenTec] UPDATE - 9420 PS Problem

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Thanks for the info. I'll get one of those because it fits the old mounting. Did you say you got it from DigiKey? 




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The replacement 9420 Power Supply Controller transformer (T5) arrived from Digi-Key this morning and I have good news and .... more good news!   

After installation the Hercules II is back in business BUT even more surprising the replacement transformer mounted in the original holes!  So no drilling was needed. 

I finally settled on the following laminated, chassis mount transformer: 
Manufacturer:  TRIAD 
Model: VPS16-2700 
Output: 8 VAC at 5.4 amps or 16 VAC at up to 2.7 amps 
Digi-Key Part:  237-1261-NDThis is a dual primary (pair of 115 VAC primaries) with a pair of 8 VAC secondaries.  I wired the secondaries in series to provide up to 2.7 A at 16 VAC. 

Total cost delivered was just over $21 CAN.  

Needless to say, I'm a happy camper! 


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