[TenTec] DIGI KEY II used by Orion 565

Toshimi Horie je2uff at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 18:13:21 EDT 2013

Hello all

I ask, is someone knows this problem.

Now my Orion connect to DIGI KEYE II by microHAM with DX4WIN. It can operat
for RTTY by MMTTY.  It can transmit for RTTY keying by AUX connector. Can
transmit but no send FSK signal. As same as buffering characters on Orion.
The DIGI KETYER II sending FSK signal for Orion. (FSK LED blinking on DIGI
But Orion can not send FSK signal, it only diddle. The buffer is empty then
send signal. So if rare station QRV with start pile up then I call start,
however my call can not send only carrea signal.

CW mode is almost same. The CW send first few time. DIGI KEY II keying CW
chara for few time. It no problem, but after few time, not send real times.
As same as wait before transmit CW characters.

Why dose a problem occur in this combination? I try to another combination.
It is ICOM transceivers. However, not happened same problem by ICOM

de JE2UFF Toshi

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