[TenTec] O II PSK setup? Resending...no responses

Dave G3RXP g3rxp at btinternet.com
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I have the O2 and a microham keyer 2 so the settings should be comparable.

I run SSB CW and Data and I dont change the settings when switching from one 
mode to another. I run N1MM (Contest logger ) for digital and CW/SSB.

On Data I run MVARI for PSK but I use MMTTY for FSK transmission which the 
O2 works extremely well.

SSB settings on Menu
Aux input gain at 100 - so I can turn the gain down with the Microham.
TX Audio --- Both.
H/W Mic gain ---- 14db

Mike gain at the top (next to Tune button) to 35.

Menu - Other
Line output main
Line Output level -High.

Mode on the rig USB

MVARI Settings. at the top of the digital window.
Input sound card ---------   0 Microham codec  (S)
Output sound card-------    1 Microham codec (S)

Input Sound card   ----Auto Detect
Output sound card ----Auto Detect

Once you have done all that you then have to make sure the Microham Router 
ports are all setup correctly.   This is a topic on its own and you need to 
look at the Microham manual for help. I presume it has its own sound card 
other wise the cards in the settings of MMVARI will be those in your 

I have no experience of Logger 32 or JT65HF

Good Luck

73 Dave G3RXP

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> Hola,
> Setting up O II for first time for PSK ops. Looking at the manual, p42,
> Fig 4-6. I set under the SSB menu, Input Device to AUX and AUX gain to
> 75; then Audio Menu, TX EQ to -14db and finally Top Row menu, "Mic" to
> zero.
> Have I left anything out? I assume that correct mode is USB?
> The O II goes to Microham mK II then Logger 32 for MMVARI.  Are there
> any settings different from MMTTY? Can the same settings for PSK be used
> for the JT65HF software?
> 73
> Tom
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