[TenTec] RF Speech Processor "TX IMD"

Charles P. Steinmetz charles_steinmetz at lavabit.com
Mon Jun 17 01:45:34 EDT 2013

Bob wrote:

>There are many of these regulations that are really open to 
>interpretation by the reader.  What exactly is good amateur 
>practice?   I know how I was taught and as a broadcast engineer 
>again the term "good engineering practice" is rather vague and quite broad.

Many FCC (and other government agency) rules may appear to be "open 
to interpretation by the reader," but they have usually already been 
interpreted by the agency and by courts for purposes of their 
application to regulated entities (radio operators, in the case of 
FCC rules).  Regulated entities ignore these interpretations at their 
peril.  They are found in the agency's administrative and enforcement 
decisions and in court orders, and sometimes in other rule 
sections.  Generally, one needs access to a third-party service like 
Westlaw to do efficient searches in the FCC decisions, and certainly 
to search court cases.

Agency rules are just the starting point when it comes to 
administrative law (the law dealing with administrative agencies).

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