[TenTec] RF Speech Processor "TX IMD"

Charles P. Steinmetz charles_steinmetz at lavabit.com
Tue Jun 18 02:01:59 EDT 2013

James wrote:

>Under your theory, CS, then it means anyone who buys all brand new 
>TenTec equipment directly from the factory, has no right to expect 
>his radio and amp to be within specification and operating properly.

The equipment either operates properly, or it doesn't.  If it 
doesn't, it is the responsibility of the operator not to transmit 
with it until it is fixed.  "Rights" and expectations have nothing to 
do with it.

>A better analogy would be to expect every owner of every car to 
>understand how it works, and to be able to operate all the 
>electronic and computerized diagnostic equipment necessary to tune 
>and repair the most exotic and esoteric functions of the engine.

I disagree.  I said it is only reasonable to expect hams to have 
basic monitoring equipment and skills to verify that their 
transmitters are operating properly, similar to drivers having and 
knowing how to use a speedometer.  Hams don't necessarily need to be 
able to redesign their transmitters, or troubleshoot or fix them, as 
your analogy suggests -- and I never said they did.  They just need 
to be able to recognize improper operation and stop transmitting 
until the problem has been fixed.  And yes, IMO anyone who won't take 
at least this much responsibility for his or her signal should stick 
to the CB bands and not be allowed on the ham bands.

>I should be considered a good ham if I take appropriate steps to 
>make sure a properly qualified and trained technician to check and 
>make sure it is up to snuff.

I agree, as long as it's done often enough to ensure that it does not 
go out-of-snuff unnoticed between checks.  If the operator can't tell 
whether it's working correctly or not (and obviously many hams 
can't), this may need to be reasonably frequently.  (Note that the 
people Rick was talking about do not do even this much -- they just 
open the boxes and press the Tx button.  THAT is not enough to be 
considered a good ham, IMO.)

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