[TenTec] 565 Version 2 logic mod??

jack jfriend31 at comcast.net
Tue Oct 8 19:38:22 EDT 2013

no Ten Tec does not do a mod for free. one can tell if the mod has been done 
to run the latest firmware: if the SWEEP function works with version 2 or 3 
of firmware the 565 has been modified. if SWEEP does not function then the 
mod has not been done.

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I'm looking at an Orion 565 that I may buy, but the owner doesn't think
the hardware mod has been done. He says it has the latest firmware
installed however. Is there a way for him to confirm to me that the mod
has been done or not?  He had it back to Ten Tec recently for a battery
replacement and service. I don't know if Ten Tec does the mod as a
matter of routine or not.

Not sure I'm making sense, but maybe someone has an answer.
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