[TenTec] Digital modes with Omni VI

Don Steele dsteele at iowatelecom.net
Thu Oct 10 20:57:38 EDT 2013

John, I use my Omni VI on RTTY all the time. I built the FSK interface shown 
on AA5AU's website and it works fine. I use MMTTY and N1MM logger for RTTY 
contesting. I haven't tried any other modes.


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From: John King
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Subject: [TenTec] Digital modes with Omni VI

Has anyone worked any digital modes, except CW, with the Omni VI plus? If 
so, I would like to know the software and interfaces used. Has anyone used 
the OMNI VI on VOIP. I would like to go voip.

I have two Icom 706 MKII G transceivers and a 735 that will work on VOIP, 
but I would like to use the Omni VI plus if it can be done.  Thanks and 73, 
John, K5PGW
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