[TenTec] What is Tentec Doing Today?

Richards jrichards at k8jhr.com
Fri Oct 11 20:40:19 EDT 2013

I don't knock any team I am on.

I presume the team at TenTec is doing its best to survive in a difficult 
economy.  I further suspect it has cut costs to the bone and more than 
one employee now wears more than one hat.  I also presume every rational 
organization acts according to what it perceives to be its best 
interests, and in the best interests of its customers.

While I am disappointed in the paucity of Omni VII updates, I am 
impressed TT is continuing to update firmware for my 2007 vintage Orion 
II, as well as updates for the even older Orion.  Even if it never 
produces another new product, it continues to demonstrate commitment to 
its products and loyalty to its customers.

I sympathize with those unhappy with their purchases, but continuing to 
agonize after several years seems counterproductive and can only spawn 
misery.   Grandad used to say, "Either get happy, or get out."  In this 
context, getting happy means enjoying the rig as it is, and hoping for 
the best.   Getting out means selling the rig and buying something else 
that will give you greater satisfaction.

Complaining to US is like preaching to the choir and nothing we write 
here can change anything.  Speculation is merely guessing.  Speculation 
ultimately proves correct only by coincidence.  So, let's just wait and 
see what develops.  In the mean time, if the wheels of progress turn too 
slowly for you, then quit the team and buy another rig that will provide 
greater satisfaction.

When I purchased my rig, I understood firmware "could" be updated, not 
that it "would" be updated, and that new features "could" be added in 
the future, not that they "would" be.  And I believe TT is doing its 
best to do deliver both!

It is possible TT is trying very hard, but may ultimately fail to bring 
new features and new products to market.  But, I don't knock any team I 
am on, and until the horn blows to signal end of the Final Quarter, I 
won't lose faith, even if we are behind in the final minutes.  You can 
count on this type of loyalty when I am on YOUR team.

	Toady John Henry, Jim and Paul in Service,
	fell all over themselves helping me solve
	a problem - and it will probably cost me
	a whole $9 for a new battery.   They worked
	really hard to discover the root cause of
	the problem and avoid my having to send the
	rig in to TT HQ for a service call.

	This made me feel like I am an integral part
	of the team.

That is just MY take.  Your mileage may vary.

------------------- K8JHR --------------------

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