[TenTec] Interfacing MFJ-1026 with Argo V ?

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There is nothing special about the Argo V that would make it work any
different than any other radio on the planet.
Likewise, the MFJ-1026 works just like  the ANC-4 and other similar
products.  They all work on the same principle and all have the same
characteristics: they are excellent at nulling out a noise, if (and only if)
there is a single source of noise.  If the noise is coming from multiple
sources, then their effectiveness will probably be marginal.

When you ask around, the replies are all over the map, ranging from
"fantastic", to "didn't help a bit".  That's because different people had
different causes of noise.

I still have one ANC-4 which gets occasional use.  In the past when I was
actively going on expeditions I had three of these types of devices and they
got plenty of use on many expeditions.  Especially on 160m they sometimes
they made the difference between a successful operation and a failed
operation.  Other times they were unable to clean up all of the noise.

My point is, regardless of what anyone tells you, it may not be
representative of what you will encounter in your situation.  There is
really only one way to find out.  Bite the bullet!

Rick, DJ0IP

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Hi to all.  I'm fighting a serious power line noise problem on 40 & 20 (I
live near a 3 x 56 kV line).  My research to date indicates the MFJ-1026
active noise suppression box might provide me some relief.  Just wondering
if anyone here has used the device with an Argo V, and if so, how did you
interface it?

Sherrell, K4DSC
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