[TenTec] Antenna is up, but the coupler doesn't like 160 meters

Mike Bryce prosolar at sssnet.com
Tue Oct 15 19:41:01 EDT 2013

What in the world would I do with all the feedline?

That's 60 feet 

Mike wb8vge

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> On Oct 15, 2013, at 7:34 PM, "Jerry Haigwood" <jerry at w5jh.net> wrote:
> Bob and the group,
>    If Mike would extend his feed line to 241 feet (as you have been
> saying), he would have an SWR at the end of the line of about 2.5-3.0.  This
> is a SWR that can be easily matched by the 238 or most any other tuner.  His
> loss will be about 22-25% due mainly to the high SWR on the long feed line.
> Still 75% radiation isn't all that bad.  I have had a lot worse....  ;-)
> Jerry W5JH
> "building something without experimenting is just solder 

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