[TenTec] Omni C + new Ham = Oops.

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Well as far as soldering there are a bunch more....


For example:


Always keep a wet sponge on the bench and clean the iron tip before every trip to the circuit board.


Wet the tip with a touch of solder before each use as it greatly improves heat transfer.


Keep clean shiny tips on your irons and never use your iron tip as a tool to pry with.  Once you loose the plating it is useless. 


Never leave your irons on for long periods of time unused...it ruins the tips due to oxidation.


Did I mention I hate lead free solder...just don’t seem to work the same...buy 60/40 while you can.


Been a component level tech for nearly 40 years...it never gets old.  Do wish I could still see though...😊

Cecil Acuff
Gulfport MS

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You old hands with more experience may know all this, but these detailed 
How To notes are invaluable for those of us who had other careers and 
who are relatively new at fixing radios.

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