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Tue Oct 29 17:08:55 EDT 2013

Nice write up and pictures, Rick. I've saved it in case I need it.

This must be International Hercules II Relay Week. I just solved a problem similar to yours caused by a different failed relay. When the amp was turned on, nothing would get through in receive. With the amp off, all was fine. This turned out to be a failed relay on the INPUT BOARD, K3, a reed relay. 

I was able to get an exact replacement for this discontinued part. I bought an extra since it won't be long until they are just plain gone: Coho Technology 8401-12-100. Onlinecompnents.com still has a few.

It was very easy to do. The input board is on top, easily accessed when the top cover is removed.

Trevor, AB5EU, has the relay circuitry of the Herc II figured out. His knowledge was helpful.

I must say I was surprised by the small relays and connectors Ten-Tec  used on the INPUT BOARD. I guess they work fine or did for twenty years but they sure stand contrast to the beefy construction elsewhere like the power supply which takes two men and a boy just to lift.

Jon, K6JEK

On Oct 29, 2013, at 1:28 PM, Rick W wrote:

> I have recently written on this reflector about a problem I encountered with my Hercules II.  I tracked down the problem to the vacuum relay. Yesterday I received and installed a new vacuum relay. I have provided a brief write-up on my website.
> Enter the website and the link to the write-up is in the Misc TEN-TEC Information section.
> Comments appreciated.  Thanks.
> 73,
> Rick
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