[TenTec] 160 meters, ten ted 238 tuner, part two

Richards jrichards at k8jhr.com
Wed Oct 30 15:30:15 EDT 2013

> I added about 10 feet of wire inside the shack and strung it across the ceiling.

		Is that coax or window line?

		What if you add a substantial length
		of coax...?   What if you, instead, add
		a substantial length of window line...?


Looks like hell, but it’s up there

		Naw... beauty is in the reception.  ;-)

> The palstar will find a solution at 1.890 now, but the swr is around 2.7:1
> The 238, not so much.

	DX-Engineering says to use as much as 150 -200
	feet of LMR-400 or similar coax to match its
	big 43 foot vertical on 160 m.

	What if you added a serious length, maybe not
	that long, but more than a few feet, of coax
	to the mix?  Should be an easy test.

	Now... I am not advocating this is the best
	solution... only that it might provide a clue and
	might allow a match.

	My local Elmer and I researched the DX-E claim
	and found it DID allow a match on 160 m, but with
	a vary narrow useable bandwidth, and at the
	expense of some substantial additional loss
	in the transmission line.  He opined it was too
	much loss versus the benefit of lower SWR.  It
	came with a super good lecture on how SWR is
	not the whole story... and that was worth the
	couple of beers price of admission I paid.

	We used thE computer program called "TLW" that
	comes with the ARRL Antenna Book.


> I don’t mind changing antennas, but swapping out couplers to operate from one band to the other kinda sucks.

	Yep...that would get real old... real quick.

Thanks for the uptake.
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