[TenTec] 160 meters, ten ted 238 tuner, part two

Mike Bryce prosolar at sssnet.com
Thu Oct 31 15:49:37 EDT 2013

Bob, John, and the gang,

I agree. 

Why the palstar can’t match at 1.825 and the Ten Tec 253 can, yet the palstar can easily match the doublet at 10.120 and the 253 can’t
still remains a mystery to me.

I did notice that when I added the extra feed line and extended the antenna length, the palstar previous setting are now way different. I don’t know how the roller inductor is calibrated i.e., does 200 mean more L or 200 Less ? I don’t know.

Without the wire extensions, 40 and 30 meters came in with a L of 79 to 83, but now, they are 170 to 190.

I have a half-dozen antenna couplers, all from Ten Tec and will swap in a few to see what happens.

The quest continues….

Mike Bryce, WB8VGE
 the heathkit shop
SunLight energy systems
J e e p

On Oct 31, 2013, at 1:32 PM, John Huffman <hjohnc at gmail.com> wrote:

> I agree with Bob.  But, having no technical background I tend to do things the 'ham' way.  I'd try a different 1:1 balun.  I know they should be the same, but experience the problems you describe with a wound balun at times.  The problems are not there with a sleeve balun.  And, sometimes the sleeve had problems but the wound one doesn't.  A choke balun is another thing to try.

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