[TenTec] 160 meters, ten ted 238 tuner, part two

Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP Rick at DJ0IP.de
Thu Oct 31 17:58:53 EDT 2013


The manual Ten Tec tuners have a 4:1 voltage balun in them (misnomer; it's
not really a balun because it doesn't reject common mode current).  I don't
know if the 253 has this or not, but if it does, you could try using it at
low power, just to see if the 4:1 impedance helps you find a match on .
If it does help, then I would build an external 4:1 current balun - but use
two toroids, not just one.

Rick, DJ0IP

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I'd give that a try but I don't have a 4:1 balun in the shack.

Mike Bryce
prosolar at sssnet.com

On Oct 30, 2013, at 5:20 PM, Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP <Rick at DJ0IP.de> wrote:

> Mike, just for a quick test, insert a 4:1 balun, between the openwire 
> and the 1:1 current balun.
> Just insert an SO-239 between the 50 Ohm side of the new balun and the 
> antenna side of the 1:1 balun.
> Only use that balun on 30m.  In general you will be better off with a 
> 1:1 balun but you might need a step-up transformer in front of it.
> Although a current balun is usually the preferred solution, because 
> you still have the 1:1 balun in-line, the 4:1 can even be a voltage balun.
> 73
> Rick, DJ0IP

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